16 April 2018

Field Notes Utility Ledger, my expenses log.

Ever since Field Notes Utility edition was launched in Spring 2017, it puzzled me on how I can use it as my expenses log.

The fields I required in my expenses log are:
- Date;
- Item;
- Amount; &
- Balance.

31 March 2018

My current Field Notes set up.

For the past few months, I’ve been using Field Notes size leather covers, but none of them actually suits my setting.

Recently, I’ve made some adjustments to my Every Day Carry Notebook (EDCN): 

First, I’ve changed back to my Traveler’s Notebook passport size Camel cover. Although Field Notes Notebook is slightly taller than passport size notebook, but it doesn’t bother me much. 

13 January 2018

Checker Box with Graph paper

I learnt about this new way of using the notebook during a visit to the museum. 
I cant remember which historical explorer used his notebook in this manner, but I found that it was pretty neat with this way of Organising his notes.
In each box, he wrote down is discovery, and even drew little sketches inside the box.

I decided to give it a try.